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A Postcard from Brighton - HOW IT ALL BEGAN

A Postcard from Brighton - HOW IT ALL BEGAN

So we have a new kid on the block? We are so very excited to be working with A Postcard from Brighton for the very first time. Our ladies seem to like the collection and so far so we couldn't be happier about the feedback. Its always scary taking new brands on board and in the current climate they really have to hit the mark, versatility, value for money (price per wear), great quality and sustainable too. So a little background ladies... 

Lainey and Mark met back in 2011 working as designer and supplier to the high street. Lainey has been a fashion designer for over 25 and knew in her heart she wanted work in with fashion from 2 years of age. She would toddle around the local neighbourhood asking for pieces of material and empty boxes to make a house and clothes for Dinky the cat and her dolls. Fashion is at the heart of everything she does. Lainey had always dreamt of creating her own brand. So when Mark said ‘go on then lets do it’ A Postcard From Brighton was created in January 2012.

The name refers back to the postcards that Lainey’s Mum used to send to her as a young child when she was away from her daughter having treatment in hospital. Lainey’s Mum was quite poorly and had lots of treatment but did not want Lainey to know how ill she was. So she sent postcards from all over the world pretending she had been away travelling. Lainey loved and treasured these postcards. Brighton is one of Lainey’s favourite places she loves the 24 hour vibe of the place along with the creative, eclectic mixture of people and places there. Brighton has inspired Lainey to design clothes for all occasions. Items that can be worn in many ways and will work hard for you within your wardrobe. Effortless and easy to wear whoever you are and whatever you are doing.

Also at the heart of what Lainey and Mark do is caring for our planet. A Postcard From Brighton and Sundae Tee are mostly made from a wood pulp viscose jersey. The fabric and garment make up is also made in Leicester where the brand are based. They both champion British manufacturing with a low carbon footprint. Lainey also designs each garment with longevity in mind. Each garment is considered around how the customer can wear it many ways. Its not designed around any trend fads that only last a season. Lainey’s designs can be worn season after season in many ways. Try for yourself or book a playdate and see what you think? 

A Postcard From Brighton and Sundae Tee are the opposite of fast fashion. The collections are slow fashion designed with love and passion.

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