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Mamalicious Maternity...

Mamalicious Maternity...

Being a mummy myself to two wonderful little girls (most of the time!) I know the struggle of finding something that A fits and B feels nice when you're pregnant. When our lovely Vero Moda rep contacted us to see if we'd be interested in becoming stockists for Mamalicious maternity wear I burst into tears, partly through excitement and partly frustration that it was just 12 months too late for me! I did offer to have a third baby to be able to model and truly represent the brand but for some reason Mumski and David weren't too keen. 

So a little about Mamalicious. Mamalicious is a Danish brand founded in 2005, they are part of the Bestseller family the same as Vero Moda. The quality and the ethics are just as incredible as that which we have come to love and expect from VM. I absolutely love the mission statement...'to dress mothers from bump to baby without compromising on fit, trend and function'... Being pregnant is such a huge change for our bodies, it's amazing to be able to find fashion that fits well, is functional and comfortable but still looks fantastic.

I remember looking online for maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Ella and thinking how expensive they were given after a few months they'd be no use to me - the price point on Mamalicious is fantastic but also the functionality means that once baby is here the styles are perfect for breastfeeding/pumping meaning you can get so much more wear out of them - they're designed to meet the demands of a modern mummy lifestyle. 

One of my favourite pieces from our range is the polka dot pyjamas and night dress, in my opinion there is no better baby shower gift then a gorgeous pair of new pyjamas or nightie for the mummy to be to have in her hospital bag, I remember the feeling well of putting on my new pyjamas after my first shower...bliss! (oh and that first cup of tea and toast! I've never appreciated white bread so much!) Both the nightdress and pyjamas have poppers on the front making them perfect for nursing in those easy days and skin to skin contact. 

If you'd like any more information about our maternity range or if you have any questions we'd love to chat. Our range is available online with lots more arriving very soon! We are offering 20% off our maternity range as a special introductory offer, simply enter the code 'Mamalicious' at the checkout.

Hayley x 



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