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Our first guest blogger! (Amanda Munden)

Our first guest blogger! (Amanda Munden)

I’ve been out researching today. I love to go to local boutiques, firstly to support a local business, secondly as it means everyone won’t be wearing the same as you and thirdly as you always get amazing service. Thank you Blossom Boutique today.

Loving all the animal prints around. I tried on a dress in 2 prints - leopard and snake. I put it on over my black jeans though. This layering look is really in and helps you keep warmer! I’ll wear a t shirt under too, a long sleeve t shirt and a polo come the depths of winter.


The faux fur gilets are back with a vengeance. Yay. They are so bulky they make your legs look slimmer! Loving the mustard...another colour of the season. Blondes this colour still works on you so please try it.

Also went for the oxblood trousers. Burgundy is coming more and more into the shops. If you’re not a ‘warm’ colouring wear it on your lower half. It’s a great colour as it goes with everything in your wardrobe (navy, black, olive, brown etc) but updates your look to this season.


Still tempted on the metallic trousers...what do you think? Oh and the boots. They are heels but lines in fur. Got the flatties last year and never had them off. Now I love these. So comfy. Thinking burgundy...

Moo xxx



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