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Wear what you want to wear...

Wear what you want to wear...
Wear what you want to wear...
Over the last couple of years I have been working very hard on my mindset, changing the way I think and feel and ultimately becoming a lot more confident in myself.
When I ordered this coat for the boutique I absolutely loved it, really, really loved it but I thought I wish they did it in black so I could have one! When it arrived I tried it on and loved it even more in real life, I loved the colour but worried it was too bright for me, not my usual colour or it would make me stand Hayley from two years ago would have admired it from a distance but never been brave enough to wear it...this Hayley? Oh she's wearing it!! I love it and that's all that matters to me (and it's so easy for Ella to spot me in the school playground 🤣).
So ladies if you've ever been put off wearing something you love because it's not your usual style or you think someone else may not like it then please give it another try, it feels flipping fantastic! 💕 H x

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  • Absolutely love this coat! Nice and bright and looks snuggly warm ❤️

    Sarah Nicholson

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