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In the words of Esther - our beautiful friend.

In the words of Esther - our beautiful friend.

So we have copied this introduction to Esther from her own just giving page - we will add the link at the end. If you should ever need to draw some strength at a point in your life, read and re-read this for all the inspiration you will ever need. - Caroline x 

Esther's words.....

Most of you  know my story by now - but after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, my world completely changed. Words can't explain what it is to hear those 3 not so little words - "You have cancer" Those words never leave you, and the experience is still very much with me today.

I was treated at the Christie and have been clear for 7 years. Unfortunately, life threw me an unwelcome curve ball in 2021 and I found a lump in my neck. After various scans the news was broken that I had secondary breast cancer, and that there were further areas of cancer in my spine and chest area. To add further bad news, I was told that my cancer is incurable. There are absolutely no words to describe how you feel when you receive this news. You just want to be rid of this horrid disease and to be able to enjoy life without the big C hanging over your head. 

So I am back at the Christie once again, and receiving the best and cutting edge treatment. Recent scans show that the treatment is helping to reduce the tumours. But I live in hope that I will one day be cured. 

To be able to continue to receive such top class treatment, I am once again doing what I am passionate about and will be fundraising for The Christie.

Age and treatment slow me down - so my events are not extreme and a couple are hopefully ones you can join in with too. I have two standard events each year that I take part in but I am always looking for ideas on what activities to complete. 

Not forgetting that this is my 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with primary breast cancer. If I can think of a special event to celebrate my continued progress with treatment from The Christie, I will keep you all posted.

Events for this year are:-

1) Manchester 10K in May (standard event)

 2) Skipping challenge - 10 skips everyday (June 2023) Completed

3) 1km everyday in April - Completed

4) Walk of Hope - 10k walk in Tatton Park (standard event)  September

Esther's JustGiving link x

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