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Love a good coatigan

Love a good coatigan

Caroline wearing teal blue coatigan.

So H has asked me to give a review on my faves and the coatigan is absolutely one of my faves. So far this year I have had three! I love the fact that the coatigan is a hybrid garment combining all the best features of a coat and a cardigan in one! The reason for three is that I have a navy and black for best and a black to work in. It keeps me warm when the shop/car is cooler and sometimes at home when I dont want the heating on (much less expensive way of keeping warm and cosy) and is structured enough to wear as a coat when I want to top off an outfit and look smart. The small lapel collar adds a little detail and of course no coatigan would be complete without pockets!

We have lots of fabulous colours available in the boutique, pop in for a try on or message and as always we can invoice x 

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