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Working from home. - Caroline x

Working from home. - Caroline x
So I am working form home today and loving it. I must say I am the worrier and I was concerned that I wouldn't know what to do with my Mondays or that you ladies would mind that we closed the extra day. As it seems neither of these are causing any problems lol. My Mondays have never been busier or more productive and I really don't think that we have ever been as organised as we are right now. and Apart from having to discipline myself to stay busy inside when the sun is shining outside - I love working from home. I have placed my new "lounge" desk in front of the window for natural light and a good view. Its very cosy. I cant wait for log fire days when it gets cooler. My first post today was about a new settee but I think I left out the bit that the couch is for the shop and not really an extra bed or comfy corner lol! I must try harder to get all the detail in there! The rest of my day has been about emails and orders and accessing new accounts that we opened at Harrogate Fashion week. That's another fabulous thing about Mondays - we get to get out and about and travel more than we have ever been able to. I loved my visit to the show, meeting new people, putting faces to names of people that we have been working with over the last 8 years. Of course the clothes and accessories were fabulous too. Im hoping that now we are showcasing more gifts and cards that we can attend the gift fair too! Who says that change is bad? Oh that would have been me a week ago, but Im over that. Coffee anyone? lol - Caroline x

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