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Caroline - It's all about me...

Caroline - It's all about me...

Good morning. Its all about me today! Hayley challenged me to do an open and honest introduction to our ladies and said that she would then follow suit. Ok H here I go!
Firstly the reason for this is that we have lots of new followers, so hello and welcome to all those who have joined us lately or who are dipping in and out and wondering whether to stay or not. We (Hayley and I) spend a great deal of time in front of the camera and on here talking about and posting photographs of clothes and accessories. What we dont always do is share with you our experiences of clothes and accessories and how "real" we are. Here goes... 😜
My name is Caroline and I am not a "clothesholic", shock horror. I like to look nice sometimes, but I suppose I am a little too fast for my life at times and would be better suited to dungarees and toe capped boots! I love to climb ladders, hammer nails and I will absolutely be the one emptying the hoover and trying to make it suck better and work more efficiently. I am a happy person and love my life. My fall outs are usually with myself, Im short and overweight and my goal at this stage in my life is to get back to wearing pretty underwear and to look good in jeans, but I am not losing sleep from this, I am just taking positive steps, the first being to remember to include myself on my daily list of "things to do" - whether its time to blow dry my hair or read a book. Just a tiny bit of me time. Im not very good at taking care of myself, I would rather lecture others about how to look after themselves - and I know lots of you are the same.
Caroline - I am 54 years of age and soon to be 55 and I love love love these numbers. They mean that I am alive and that cant be a bad start. I am married to Phil, only two years married in September and still definitely in the honeymoon period. We have the same tastes in boats and music and boats and food and boats and cars and boats.. yes we love being on the water. Phil is my rock, my anchor, my soulmate. We are crazy together, we dance like idiots in the kitchen after a good night out, we get up in the middle of the night with no planning to go on fabulous days out and we just generally have fun. We love our kids and grand kids and we are starting a whole new chapter of our lives together and loving every minute. If we have a row (only one or two so far) you will all know about it, thats when its Thundering and lightening over Hambleton! We get it all out there and move on.
Clothes and Blossom. I have to admit that it is great being surrounded by beautiful things and I have had some "moments" that will stay with me forever (I once got stuck in one of Joannas stunning jumpsuits that unfortunately was lime green - I couldnt stand up straight it was so small, so I looked like a big green frog!) Im human and I am a Taurean, I love fine wine and good food. I have lost weight for two weeks on the trot at Slimming World so both times I rewarded myself straight after class with a meal at Twelve restaurant! Not only is that not clever, it means that my slimming is costing me about £110 a week! I will get there, I am determined and I will be posting more about my size and shape if you can handle it and how Blossom clothes fit me. I want to share my bra stories, how my quest to get into nice undies is going (I wont share pics promise) and what I struggle to wear and what I love. If it suits me tell me, if it doesnt speak up. You thousands of ladies are all my new best friends, so if anyone says to me, "what the hell are you wearing that for?" I will know that you didnt play nicely. -
All my love - Caroline x

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