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My Wardrobe Essentials

My Wardrobe Essentials

With lots of building work about to begin in our house it has meant that we have had to sort out all of our clothes, I mean all of them...even those in the 'I will definitely fit back into these one day' draws! I started to plan my major clear out, where to begin? Moo! Throughout the whole process I have had the lovely Moo in my head..'Capsule wardrobe Hayley, Price per wear, Timeless, Versatile...' With Moo in mind and the thought of having to pack away everything other than what I'm keeping out for the duration of the build, I set to it and started to create my new capsule wardrobe. Here it is ladies, here are my own new wardrobe essentials which I think create a great foundation and of course I will be adding new pieces throughout the season (I'm only human!). I must admit it felt great to be able spend time putting together outfits and thinking about all the different occasions (meaning days of the week!) I can wear one item for.

1. Vero Moda shape up jeans - If you've been following Blossom for a long time you maybe sick of hearing about these jeans so please forgive us - we just love them! We have stocked these jeans for almost 6 years now at Blossom and we have never had anyone say they don't love them - they are incredible. They lift your bum in all the right places, they wash beautifully, no baggy knees here! At just £34 (£30.60 if you have a loyalty card) the price per wear is incredible - I wear these jeans 5 out of 7 days every single week, If I did that for just 6 months my price per wear would be 18p!!! I have had my current pair for way over a year. They really are a must - available in sizes XS-XXL which translates to UK size 8-20 and in three leg lengths 30", 32" and 34" (If you need any help with sizes please just message.

2. Vero Moda Oversized sweatshirt & joggers - Being at home with my two girls and being sat at an office desk a lot of the time I need to be comfortable. As soon as this set arrived I fell in love! Usually I don't wear anything oversized, I'm only 5ft 2 (and 3/4) so it makes me feel short and stumpy, however - I absolutely love how this fits, the sweatshirt is longer at the back (perfect for keeping your kidneys warm) and the trousers are a straight leg with cuffed hems. I went for the cashmere blue but think I may also add the grey to my collection - again at £50 for the set (£45 with your loyalty card) if you wear this set once a week the price per wear is 86p! 


3. Vero Moda Blue Denim Utility Jacket - This jacket is so me! As you can probably tell by now I am all about comfort. I have wanted a denim jacket for years but never found one which fit my properly or wasn't really stiff - until I found this one! Made from 100% Tencel which is so soft and also kind to the environment - winner winner! I bought this last spring as a lightweight jacket for warmer days, I wore it all throughout my pregnancy (unfastened!) and it even made a few appearances this winter over a plain roll neck. This is defiantly a piece I will be wearing year after year.  


4. Vero Moda Polka Dot Tops - If you haven't tried our Vero Moda organic cotton t-shirts then you're missing out! I have the plain t-shirt in most colours and I have now added both the black & white polka dot styles to my wardrobe. They are so soft against your skin, a lovely relaxed fit and they look great with jeans, joggers and smart trousers. Made without the use of harmful chemicals they are not only kind to your skin but also the environment. At £18 (£16.20 with your discount card)  even if you only wore them twice a month (you'll definitely wear them more!) your price per wear would be 67p.


5. Vero Moda loose string trousers - Oh my! I am such a jeans girl and never like the way joggers look on me - that is until I tried on these! I fell so deeply in love that i've ended up with both black and navy, oops. They are ultimate comfort and I think they look amazing and smarter than a normal jogger. They have an elasticated waist with drawstrings and those all important pockets. I have worn mine with my pumps so far but they'll be great with sliders or sandals in the Spring/Summer. At £35 (£31.50 with your discount card) if you wear them once a week then the price per wear is 67p!


6. Vero Moda Blue Knit - This knit it is perfect for this time of year, a lovely fine knit and a beautiful colour. I tried this on for a picture thinking it is not usually something I would wear but I absolutely loved it on, a nice change from my usual black, grey or khaki. I wear this with both shape up jeans (It looks nice with both the medium and the dark denim) and the loose string trousers in navy, it will look fab with white jeans in the summer too. Again made from 100% organic cotton so kind to your skin and the planet. At £22 (£19.80 with your discount card) if you wore this knit for 6 months of the year your price per wear would be 85p over 12 months! 

Last but not least... 

7. Vero Moda Wide leg paper-bag trousers - I know we may not be making many restaurant reservations right now (hopefully soon!) but these trousers are so my style. We have stocked them for a while now but I haven't been able to try them with being pregnant (VM really need to start maternity!). These are definitely going to be my new go to smart trousers - I love the wide leg and the loose belt is great for drawing the eye away from my tummy - winner winner! The elasticated waist is really comfortable making them the perfect trousers for a meal at Twelve - saves me having to undo my top button! At an unbelievable £28 (£25.20 with your discount card) these trousers really are a timeless classic, if you wear them 6 times a year your price per wear will be £4.20 and I can assure you you'll be wearing them for years to come. 


So there you have it ladies, these are my 7 must haves for now - they make up endless combinations just with those 7 items, I think I could get close to 20 combinations! I'd love to know your wardrobes must have ladies - is there one piece you've had for years? We'd love to see! 

Any questions about any of the styles please just message 

Hayley x

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