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Let's love ourselves a little bit more

Let's love ourselves a little bit more

As children we are taught to treat others as we would like to be treated and speak to others as we would like to be spoken to. I believe that as adults we need to be taught the opposite, treat yourself as you would treat others, speak to yourself as you would speak to others. 

Body confidence, body shaming, body positivity, body body body is everywhere we turn. Since owning Blossom we have met so many incredible ladies, thousands of ladies either in person or whom we have chatted to online and almost every single lady has had some hang up or another about their body, no matter what size, shape, age they are. I am guilty of this myself just as much (if not more) than anyone but I cannot believe the way we talk about our bodies, the way we prod & poke at them and squeeze and squish the bits we don't like - this is where I believe the treating yourself as you would treat others comes into action. Would you poke a friend in the tummy and suggest it's time they shifted the baby weight? Or would you remind them of the incredible job that their body has done in creating, carrying & birthing a whole human being? Would you grab a friends arms and wobble them saying they need to work on their bingo wings? If a friend tried on a dress and it didn't fit would you tell them to be disappointed & frustrated or tell them to simply get the next size up, no one sees the label any way? It seems that when we look in the mirror or down at the bodies we have we are drawn to the bits we don't like but we wouldn't even notice these 'flaws' if they were one someone else?!

Our bodies are flipping amazing ladies and we need to celebrate the bits that we do like and yes maybe work on the bits we don't but do not focus on them, do not point out all the negatives and ignore all of the positives. I know that I need to shift a few pounds and this is something I am trying to do though exercise and maybe cutting back on the takeaways (I bloody love takeaways!), but just as important as getting into shape is learning to love the body that I have and what it does for my every single day.

Being a mummy to two little girls I constantly praise them on achievements, something I think we should do more for ourselves. If you've drunk one more glass of water then yesterday, walked 100 more steps or given away your last malteaser then well done you! You're doing amazing and picking up on the positives and trying to ignore the 'negatives' will only lead to more victories in the long run. 

Please join me ladies in trying to be kinder to ourselves, I am looking forward to sharing my best bits with you, no more wobbling & poking! Lets treat ourselves as we would treat those we love and let's see wonderful things happens xxx

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  • Love this Hayley. As you say we praise our 3 year olds and should praise ourselves a little bit more. Our bodies as women are amazing machines- I certainly realise than after the last couple of years. Xx

    Emma Robinson

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