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What's your style personality? Find out with our latest blog by Moo

What's your style personality? Find out with our latest blog by Moo

Our Blossom award-winning style guru, Moo, has worked in television for over 20 years with presenters including Natasha Kaplinsky, Kirsty Young, Kirsty Gallacher and is now a personal stylist to us ‘normal women’ sharing all the inside tricks of the trade.  She’s spilling the beans on shopping for  your style personality.

Image me with Caroline??? Doing colours and both laughing…

When I conduct style consultations, my goal is to ensure that my client feels as positive as possible in her clothing choices. In order to do this they need to make her feel her best and are comfortable for her. This varies dramatically from client to client – some love tailoring, some love flowering prints and lace, others love more edge or flamboyance. The more your wardrobe marries with your inner self the more confident you’ll feel about yourself.

So the areas I start with in a style consultation is: a client’s style personality to make sure her clothing reflects who she is; her body shape to ensure she uses fabrics and shapes to flatter her as much as possible; her colours as these can make you look younger, healthier and dare I say slimmer; and finally her lifestyle to ensure her wardrobe matches what she spends her time doing. All of this helps stop wrong costly purchases in the future and saves money. It means every time she opens her wardrobe she feels happy as she knows every piece will make her feel confident. 

There are an infinite number of style personalities but I like to hone them down to six. Now don’t worry you can be a split personality – so one at work and one out of work. You can also split yourself between two style personalities – which I do. I love analysing a client’s style personality as it is important not only for your clothing style but also hair and shoe choices. It can even extend to the new must have accessory of the year – face masks. So let’s have a bit of fun and work out which one you are…obviously these masks are now necessities but it doesn’t mean they can’t reveal your style personality. Which one is more you?


Creative - Homemade or from alternative retailers such as Etsy
Dramatic - Bold or textured fabric that makes a statement
Romantic - Feminine and pretty pattern or plain and sparkly
Classic - May have several masks to co-ordinate with different outfits
Natural - Plain and disposal so it doesn't require washing
City Chic - Plain and understated in a neutral colour

I love going through a boutique and seeing at a glance different style personalities hanging up. Imagine we are strolling through Blossom boutique and picking up garments as we go, this is what they reveal…

This has dramatic written all over it. They like to make an impact and have people notice what they are wearing. Catherine Zita-Jones is a dramatic.

A Breton stripe is always in a classics wardrobe. In fact they have them usually in lots of different colour ways. A classic may struggle with casual wear (they loathe jeans with trainers) and we work on different solutions that they feel more comfortable with. Classics always chose style over fashion and are well groomed with matching shoes and handbag. Think of Jackie Kennedy or Reese Witherspoon.

A romantic loves flowers. They also are a fan of lace and detail. So they may have bows on their accessories or pleating on a shirt. They wouldn’t go out with perfume or lipstick on. Think Kylie Minogue.

A city chic style personality is a huge fan of neutrals. Everything works together in their wardrobe and they often colour block. They love accessories. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was a true classic but she’s now much more a city chic.

I think lots of us have a touch of a natural style personality nowadays. Comfort is very important to them and they would never wear anything that pinches or restricts. A full on natural style personality may need help with what to wear to work or out that still makes them feel themselves. Jennifer Anniston would be classed as a natural.

More is more for a creative. They love a colour, pattern, fabric clash and combine things fabulously. Their shoes don’t need to match anything! I often say to a creative – let’s take 1 or 2 things off! I am part creative! Helena Bonham Carter is a great example.

Bear this in mind when you’re shopping. You want what you wear to be an expression of you. Knowing your own style can bring so much more confidence and ease of dressing every day, as well as saving you money in the long run. I’m here if you need any more advice at or please find Moo Style VIPs on facebook for style short cuts and tips. I’ll also keep popping up at Blossom Boutique both in person and in line – so keep an eye out for me. I’m the one with the creative and natural split personality!

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