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Why work can be so "trying"

Why work can be so "trying"

I love my working life. Im lucky I know that I am, to be doing something on a daily basis that I truly love. Its not without it downside though. I read this week a great piece about doing what you love for a living and the fact that this then means that you will never truly work a day a your life. The article pulled this theory apart on the grounds that if you truly love what you do you cant leave it alone and therefore tend to work longer hours. If you let it your work can become an obsession plus the fact that you are working to pay your bills, put kids through school, pay for holidays... you have to work hard at it. I do think though that what can be said is its easy to do all this if you truly are doing what you love to pay those bills. I am the other side of 50 (Half way in fact!) so I am lucky that most big commitments are behind me, grandkids aside, but I still have to pedal harder these days. Im at the point where I am making it more fun for myself. You may have read about our recent days out or seen one of our morning cuppa lives? That's the real me, a bit of a clown, love a laugh and adore being alongside my family. This weeks shopping has been a huge success, we have loved showing off the new arrivals and I have loved pushing my boundaries and going with my feelings. I have no intention of going grey lol - my wardrobe is getting pinker by the week. Bring on those colours ladies, life begins when you let it!

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